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7 PM via Zoom

The demonstration: Earrings from pen blanks and scraps, by Rich Sabreen.

Plus: Show and tell of members' work.

The challenge: For our May meeting, make a turning with at least two species of wood. Size, shape, and woods are up to you. Look for full details in the member newsletter.


7 PM via Zoom

The demonstration: Julann Troiano will cover various approaches to embellishing your work, including painting, texturing, pyrography, texturing, and the use of epoxy.

Plus: Show and tell of members' work and entries from the challenge.

Do you have an idea for a demo? Would you like to present a demo at a future club meeting? Let us know—we're happy to have new ideas. Email your suggestion to: nutmegwoodturners@gmail.com


FRI., APRIL 9 & 23, 5 -7 pm Mountain

Wheel of Delicacy Turning,
with Michael Alguire

What: Michael will demonstrate how he creates his intricate signature piece “Wheel of Delicacy” with the step-by- step process of prepping and turning the blanks and then aligning the pieces for glue-up. This demo will inspire you while taking you to the next level in woodturning. In the first part of the demo Michael will demonstrate the preparation and turning of the blank. In part two, Michael will  go further into depth on the carving, piercing, and decorative aspect of these pieces.

Cost:  $10 per session. Click here for more information and to register.

SAT., APRIL 24, 3 PM Eastern

AAW Master Series: Cindy Drozda, Making a Wildfire Challis

What: In this two-hour demonstration, Cindy will share the specialized processes she uses to create a natural-edged goblet form called a Wildfire Challis.

You’ll learn how to:

Cut and mount the burl blank to achieve a balanced natural-edge rim.

Reverse chuck the piece.

Fit the challis with a stem made from a separate piece of wood.

Use transparent dyes to enhance and add dimension to the burl figure.

Cost:  $15; $10 for AAW members.  Click here for more information and to register.


SAT. & SUN., MAY 1 & 2
NOON - 4 PM & NOON - 3 PM

Wood Bead & Metal Cap Necklace,

With David Heim & Maureen Henriques

What: On Saturday, begin a one-of-a-kind necklace with some colorful wood that you will transform into big beads. You’ll learn how to hold the wood on the lathe safely and securely, how to shape the beads round—and how to make multiple beads that are the same size.Then on Sunday, take your wood bead creation a bit further by adding decorative metal bead caps in our Jewelry studio. Students will use a few simple tools to cut, texture, and dome metal to adorn their beads.

Where: Brookfield Craft Center

Cost: $160. Click here for more information and to register.