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So,  you're going to give
a woodturning presentation

We put together a few tips to help you. Just click on
PDF button to read them. You can also print them.

Add some pop to your piece

Presentations by Rich Sabreen, Michale Ginsbergf, and Julia Swyers at the March 2024 meeting. Click on the PDF buttons for more information from Rich (top button) and Julia (bottom button).

A Few Notes on Multi-Axis Turning

Presentation by Doug Watters at the September 2023 meeting.

Preparation for segmented turning

Presentation by David Heim at the January 2024 meeting.

How to Create and Fill an Epoxy Ring

Presentation by Julann Troiano at the March 2023 meeting. We were unable to record this demo, but if you scroll down to the video titled
3 Ways to Embellish Your Work, you can see how she does it.

How to Shape the Top of a Turned Box

Presentation by Steve Holm-Hansen at our May 2023 meeting. This is the first Resources video showing the capabilities of our new video cameras.

Carving for Woodturning

Presentation by Don Metz at the November 2022 meeting.

Jigs and Fixtures, 2023

Higihlights from the presentations at our January 2023 meeting.

Skew Chisel Basics

Presentation by Joe Larese
at the September 2022 meeting.

Show Us Your Shop

Presentations by Steve Prior, Jim Degen, Don Metz, Michael Ginsberg, Skip Proctor,  Colin Baigel, Steve Holm-Hansen, and Ken Rist at the May and September meetings.

Off-Center Turning

Presentation by Ed Bryan at the January 2022 meeting.

The Making of a Trompe l'oeil

Presentation by Alan Ganek at the March 2022 meeting.

Design, Inspiration, and Creativity

A  panel discussion, September 13, 2021.A companion show-and-tell of good, bad, and  ugly pieces is in the Gallery.

Carving on Woodturning

A demonstration by Joe Larese at the November 2021 meeting, with the discussion that followed .

Shopmade live center adapters

3 ways to embellish your work

Presentation by Julann Troiano, May 10, 2021.

Presentation by Joe Larese, May 3, 2021 and reprised at the Nutmeg June 2021 meeting.

Techniques for using wipe-on poly

Presentation by Jim Degen, March 2021 meeting.

Earrings from pen blanks

Presentation by Rich Sabreen, April 2021 meeting. Photography and videography by Susan Sabreen. Click on the PDF button for Rich's list of resources.

The Making of a Chess Set

Click the PDF button to view the slide show that Ken presented. Watch his video to see how he does it..

Demonstration by Ken Rist. January 2021 meeting

swyers ppt.png

Click on the image at left for Julia's Power Point presentation.

Two Pieces of Product Photography Advice

Presentation by Julia Swyers on using natural light, February 2021 meeting. Plus a 2011 video by Joe Larese on tabletop lightihg.

Tools for End-Grain Hollowing

Demonstration video  by Joe Larese. November 2020 meeting

Favorite Jigs and Fixtures

Show and tell presentations from October 2020 meeting

The Flutemaster Jig

Demonstration video  by Alan Ganek.August 2020 meeting

Adding texture with eggshells

Demonstration video  by David Heim. July 2020 meeting


Click on an image for more information.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 12.24.57

Clear Choice
display easels

Recommended by
Rich Sabreen.

michaels easels.png

Acrylic Post Easel

Recommended by
Michael Ginsberg.


Elio Safe Drive

Recommended by
Julia Swyers.

wood slicer.jpg

Wood Slicer
Bandsaw blades

Recommended by
David Heim.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 1.39.36 PM.png
tool post collar.jpg

Stihl battery-powered
chain saw

Recommended by
Steve Prior.

1 in. shaft collars
from Harbor Freight

Recommended by
Joe Larese.


Do you have a great source for tools, equipment, accessories, materials, or finishing supplies? Click here to give us the details so we can include it in the lineup.

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