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Long time member and past Co-President Ernie Krubsack made us a Skewed Skew.  Ernie felt since most people dreaded using a skew he'd make one which could probably never work. However, some of the club's talented and more experienced turners would no doubt find a way to get it to work.
For a time, the Skewed Skew was awarded at each meeting for  the Best

turning, Most Creative turning, Most Unusual turning or Member support.

Jim Degen recalls:

"The start of the whole thing wasn't planned. The Nutmeg club had a challenge project of making tool handles from some mahogany blanks that were donated. Ernie Krubsack showed up at the next meeting with his monstrous handle and skewed skew.

He suggested that it be used as an award to recognize members for doing something.

"An ad hoc committee was appointed. The committee (I think it was two members) conferred and announced that the first recipient would be Ernie for creating the thing. After that it was awarded as the committee saw fit. It was always a very non-formal type of thing."

The winners of the Skewed Skew (drum roll, please)

Thanks to Allen Nemetz for engraving the handle of the Skewed Skew with the names of all the recipients.


January 2003. Ernie Krubsack, for his past contributions and making the skewed skew.


March 2003. Andy Barnum, for years of continued dedication to Nutmeg Woodturners League and woodturning..


May 2003. Bob Rogers, for his beautiful music stand. Although not just a turning it was awarded for his overall technique.


September 2003. Jay Antleman, for his wood identification articles in our newsletter. The Nutmeg.


November 2003. Angelo Iafrate, for his past and continuing contributions to Nutmeg Woodturners League.


January 2004. Jay Hockenberry, for continued support and contributions as newsletter editor, demonstrator and voice for community involvement.


March 2004. Lois Anderson and Stan Rosenberg, for years of continous service to Nutmeg as Librarians and other duties.


May 2004. Steve Robertson, for continued support to Nutmeg and ensuring lathes were in good repair.


September 2004. Jim Degen, for continued support and service to Nutmeg as Co-President, President and host for several annual picnics.


March 2005. Carl Ford, for implementation and creative design of thin walled vessel.


September 2005. Bud Palmer, for good design and his spindle work on his mug holder project.


January 2006. Corey & Laura Anderson, for education within the community. Especially at the American School for the Deaf.


March 2006. Don Metz, for his colored epoxy bowl.

March 2024. Ken Rist, for his service as president.

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